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Welcome to Rovinj...


Beautiful tourist town on the west coast of Istria. Rovinj is due to its  natural and cultural beauty, gastronomic offer,  one of the leading tourist destinations in Istria and in the whole of Croatia. A small but charming town that has impressed everyone who has spent at least a moment in it.
Rovinj holds the Croatian record for most overnights stay !
On October 7 2011 Rovinj saw its 3 millionth overnight stay!
After 25 years (since 1986) Rovinj again reached a record-breaking 3 million overnight stays and, for the SECOND CONSECUTIVE YEAR, regained LEADERSHIP POSITION IN CROATIA!
Compared to the same period last year and 347,716 more stays this is a 13 percent increase. Rovinj recorded a total of 434,167 arrivals, i.e. 56,096 or 16 percent more compared to 2010.



Rovinj was first mentioned as Castrum Rubini in documents of Anonymous from Ravenna. The documents were written in the 7th century and in detailed inspection of the files it was concluded that Rovinj was founded between the 3rd and 5th century. Some sources say that the area around Rovinj was inhabited already in the prehistorical era when Histri traded with the Greeks and Etruscans. In time Rovinj survived various attacks from Visigoths, Huns and Byzantines but later came for a longer period under Venetians.
In the Middle Ages it suffered severe plague attack. Venetians ruled the town until the end of 18th century and after that it was ruled Austro-Hungarian monarchy. During that time the town was modernized as were the other towns on the coast.  In 1813 it became a part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy until the First World War, when it fell under the Italian rule. After the Italian capitulation in 1943 it was occupied by the Germans. In 1947 it came under Yugoslavia where it remained until 1991 when Croatia was established.

Arts and Culture

The old town center
If you decide to visit this charming and romantic town, we recommend going for a walk to the old town center, which is an unusual mixture of historical monuments. Narrow tall houses support each other and on their windows, facades and balconies you can see traces of Baroque, Neoclassicism, and Renaissance. During the Middle Ages and Renaissance town walls were erected to protect the town. They have been partially preserved to the present day
St. Benedict's gate, Gate under the Wall and St. Cross's Gate
Out of seven town gates, three have been preserved in their original form – St. Benedict's gate, Gate under the Wall and St. Cross's Gate while the other gates changed their primary appearance. After you cross the Old fisherman's gate you enter the old town where you can see the town hall founded in the 14th century which also underwent many changes in the past.
The church of St. Euphemia
Be sure to visit the church of St. Euphemia, a baroque church which is the best known and largest monument in town. The church is dedicated to Christian martyr Euphemia. There are numerous legends regarding St. Euphemia and one of them says that her sarcophagus swam to the coast of Rovinj. The sarcophagus originates from the 3rd century and it was not finished. Very little is know of the character of St. Euphemia except that her bones are buried in the sarcophagus which lies in the church. The holiday of St. Euphemia is celebrated on September 16th which is one of the largest holidays in Rovinj.
The traditional symbol of Rovinj, a social and cultural phenomenon, the unavoidable tourist attraction – the traditional Rovinj boat, batana, is all of the above, a brittle fishermen boat of exceptional fishing performance. It can be seen as the principal tool many people from Rovinj used to survive, since ancient days until today, or simply as – a philosophy of life. To honour her, Rovinj opened the eco-museum Kuća o batani (the Batana House), where one can glean all details on this authentic pride of the town.



As the hosts in Rovinj say, it is very difficult for them to recommend or to choose something out of a wide variety of specialties. Every restaurant owner, you can bet on the menu of your local fresh fish to assign a place of particular prestige. Snapper, sea bass, sea bream, mullet, redfish, snapper, sole, cod, squid, shellfish and crabs, mussels and cumbersome Rovinj ... are there to attract food lovers with their flavors of the Adriatic.
Be sure to try Istrian prosciutto which is usually served with sheep cheese. Typical Istrian meal definitely worth trying is maneštra. It is a mixture of soup and stew and it is made from several types of vegetables. This delicious and light meal is suited for every season.
There are of course meals that include homemade pasta like fuži and njoki which serve as side dishes to various meat sauces, most attractive of which are those made of game meat. But of course since you already are at the coast, don't miss trying out sea delicacies such as marinada or brudeta. Spoil yourself with fine Istrian wines, like teran, malvazija and borgonja. Istria is in addition to excellent wines, especially known for its olive oil and truffles. For the end we recommend some of typical sweets such as fritule, kroštule or cukerančići.



In the town you will have enough opportunities for playing sports, no matter whether you are just playing them for fun or professionally. There are water sports and sports on the ground for your preferences. Of course, one of our first recommendations is sea diving. Rovinj is a town with many localities to dive and if you still do not posses this skill there are many schools in Rovinj where you can learn how to dive. Once you know it, start to get to know the sea world of Rovinj. One of the most beautiful localities is definitely the sunken ship "Barron Bausch" near the town. The ship was sunk in 1914 and since it lies in great depth only experienced divers can reach it but maybe this can be something you can see as a stimulus.
You would rather stay on the sea surface? You can learn how to sail or surf, and if you have not done that so far you can rent surf and follow the waves. Or would you rather stay on land? The choice is really big – you can play football, basketball or mini golf or you can rent a tennis court and play a match. You can even feel like a bird as fly a hang glider. It will definitely be interesting to see Rovinj and its countryside from air which will open a whole new dimension for you. Adventurers who choose to stay on land can visit the Lim canal. On the northern side of this beautiful natural site there is a rock for climbing.
Finally let's not forget bicycle lovers. There is a cycling trek throughout the entire Istrian peninsula, so you can get to know Rovinj and its closer and farther surrounding area in this way as well.


Fun and night life

Depending on the type of entertainment you like, you can choose what to do in the evening or night. If you like simple long romantic walks near the sea you can start with that and move to a good concert or an exhibition. In the Franciscan convent there are often concerts of classical music and on the terraces of numerous hotels and restaurants there is pleasant music you can dance to or drink a glass of wine with pleasant conversation.
If on the other hand you like to party you can go to one of discotheques in Rovinj where you can dance and have a good time. Of course we haven't forgotten daily entertainment. On the beaches of Rovinj you can drive Jet Ski or surf. In entertainment park Monvi there is a whole factory of fun